"I grew up in a quiet Stockholm suburb. In those days my pastime was filled with dungeons and dragons, galactic intrigues and magic. Roleplaying games, books and theatre were my life outside of school. I was a quiet observer. Through books I discovered that the world could be much bigger and much more beautiful. Maybe my inclination towards strong stories comes from the contrast between my quite ordinary everyday life and the new worlds I discovered in books.


On a hot spring day in the beginning of this century I was in Rabat, the capitol of Morocco. Back then I was part of the Swedish State Departments Counter-Terrorism Unit. After passing roadblocks, barb wire and marine soldiers that meticulously checked our passports, my boss and me where admitted to the American embassy. In the ambassadors office we had a conversation about the latest development in Sahel and West Africa. The deputy at the embassy was also there and gave his analysis of the situation. He was competent. I remember how I suddenly understood that he was an agent. CIA, probably. The realisation of all the secrets we kept from each other and all the hidden worlds that shared the room, was an experience that triggered my imagination. We lived in a reality full of fiction. I started to write. On weekends at home in Stockholm, on airplanes and hotels, in Brussels and in other places I wrote the story that became Into A Raging Blaze.


I am fascinated by trying to understand the way people think, what their hopes and fears are, their secrets. Maybe it is an elaborate way to rediscover one self. It is in the encounter between every person’s inner world and the great international courses of events that I find my lust to write."


Andreas Norman (b. 1972) in Stockholm debuted as a poet in 1996. After studies in political science and history, he worked in Bosnia and later joined the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Into A Raging Blaze, published spring 2013, is his first novel.




Into A Raging Blaze (2013)